the fabulous mrs. tillyvally

Revelations Entertainment, Schmengie Inc.

Alexandra Billings

The Fabulous Mrs. Tillyvally

She is a cross between Mr. Rogers with a side of Carol Burnett!  And her magical neighborhood is a show designed for Queer youth, to learn of their history in America and the necessity of living it, repeating it and continuing it! 

Starring Alexandra Billings as The FABULOUS Mrs. Tillyvally, the show explores everyday events through the lens of marginalized kids (who are also part of the writing team!). It will take marginalized youth around the world as we learn about different cultures AND into the classroom.

In this neighborhood, change happens and is CELEBRATED. The sketches feature news and comments pulled from Alex’s social media presence as well as what the kids say is important to them. 

Beings known as Jingles and Jangles live in the neighborhood, as well as special guests, who pop up from time to time singing and dancing and teaching ALL of us what it is to be human. 

Why do we need this show NOW?  How much time do you have…?


Deidra Edwards, Ann Noble, Schmengie, Inc.

Created by:
Deidra Edwards, Ann Noble
(from an idea by Deidra Edwards)

Alexandra Billings



Hallmarked is a One Hour Fantasy Sci-Fi Dramedy Series about Saving Humanity. Actual Humanity. The Human part of Humanity. The People. There’s no asteroid coming to destroy the Planet.  We are the asteroids and we’ve been destroying each other since our timeline began. 

So, we Welcome you to the Town of Healthee Falls.  Seemingly an idyllic small town on the water in the Pacific Northwest that you have to take a Ferry to reach. Healthee Falls will remind you of a Hallmark Channel town. That was by design.  Because what our town really is, is Sanctuary. What our town really is, is Noah’s Ark on land. What our town really is, is the Seed Vault of Humanity. It’s the place that proves that the Human Race, in ALL its glorious diversity is precious and should be protected at all costs. No one is a Mistake.  

It’s been curated with specificity and guarded, relatively safely, for the last 495 years.  The last 5 years something has definitely been off…and today, when you meet us in Healthee Falls, it’s the first day that things have gone “right” in those last 5 years…which means, something is terribly, terribly wrong.

when we arrive as flowers

Executive Producers:
Alexandra Billings, Chrisanne Blankenship


Giselle Byrd, Bonnie Dolan, Margaret Montavon,
Susan O’Brien, Elizabeth Raia

Susan O’Brien

Diovanna Frazier


When We Arrive As Flowers

A vibrant moving expression of discovery and transformation. Diovanna Frasier, royalty of the House of LaBeija, symbolically tells her story as a seed flowering to full bloom through dance, magical realism, gorgeous styling, flowing camera movements and VFX as she becomes the flower bed where the seeds sprout from her skin.

So pleased to announce that our film, When We Arrive As Flowers, is now in full bloom!
We are excited to be part of several upcoming film festivals with some more announcements later to come. 
Our schedule includes: 
Stay tuned for further updates!


Zoe Kent, Alexandra Billings, Chrisanne Blankenship

Alexandra Billings

Inspired by the story of Liz Carmichael and her journey from dreamer of a wonder car called The Dale to con-artist and manipulator, Liz is the story of transition and love.  At the height of the 1973 gas crisis, Liz Carmichael misleads the media and thousands of investors with the promise of a three-wheeled, 70mpg car called The Dale.  She is also a transgender woman, existing in and combating a male dominated world with which she is all too familiar.  And when the dream becomes a nightmare, she’s forced on the run with her wife and children in a misguided effort to protect her family and legacy.


  everybody ships us

Executive Producers:
Alexandra Billings, Chrisanne Blankenship

Bonnie Dolan, Shelley Norfleet, Jeremy T. Seagull

Hosted By:
Bonnie Dolan & Shelley Norfleet

Ahoy and set sail with Everybody Ships Us, a podcast where best friends and hosts Shelley Norfleet and Bonnie Dolan fulfill their family’s favorite ‘ship and date for one hour each week in their living room! Because what is dating if not investing your time, your energy, and your heart into a relationship with your favorite person? Shelley and Bonnie chat, play games, get vulnerable, navigate through conflict, make up stupid songs, lean on each other for advice and comfort, and learn to be better life partners to each other. And who knows… maybe they’ll fall in love along the way! Produced by their beloved stuffed seagull Jeremy, Everybody Ships Us is a chaotic and beautiful journey you won’t want to miss!